Who Can Join

Our members are typically smaller, well-established law firms operating in a single jurisdiction or practice area, with less than 10 partners. We would welcome applications for membership from reputable firms with similar values who are keen to join our supportive, collegiate community.

We have found that by working together as part of the AustLaw community, our firms and our people are stronger.

We are are committed to significantly expanding membership of our network of respected, independent law firms across Australia.  

But we are not in a hurry. 

We want to take the time to make sure that there is a great fit between your firm and our network. To ensure that you and your firm will really benefit from joining us.  That our vision of what our network could become, is something that you want to sign-up for. That you are willing to put in as well as take out.

If you would like to start this conversation and explore how membership could strengthen your firm, then please contact the AustLaw Executive Manager, Nicki Hauser (0410 439276) or any of the AustLaw Directors.

Who Can Join

image The biggest value of our membership and participation in AustLaw is the opportunity to build relationships with our colleagues in the legal industry. AustLaw is a close-knit community, that affords us a platform to share advice, celebrate accomplishments, and collectively advocate for our other members.

Michael Hatfield - Partner

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