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Membership to AustLaw is available to law firms committed to the groups high ideals and standards. Our aim is best practice in expert legal advice, communication and management to maximise value for our clients.

Becoming an AustLaw enables firms to join a community of like-minded peers. Through ongoing training, support and mentoring, firms can benefit through a list of opportunities available:

Membership to AustLaw includes:

  • Online monthly learning opportunities through a webinar platform. Members gain access to all areas of CLE/CPD
  • Access to bulk purchasing arrangements
  • Registration to bi-annual symposiums
  • Open discussions around benchmarking within the firms in a variety of areas
  • An online library of resources including precedents and marketing material, and
  • The opportunity to network, learning and develop new ideas, products and strategies in a non-competitive environment
  • Precedent library
Join AustLaw

image The biggest value of our membership and participation in AustLaw is the opportunity to build relationships with our colleagues in the legal industry. AustLaw is a close-knit community, that affords us a platform to share advice, celebrate accomplishments, and collectively advocate for our other members.

Michael Hatfield - Partner

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