2019 Webinar 02 | Winning new business from known networks

2019 Webinar 02 | Winning new business from known networks

Date: 07 February, 2019

Webinar | Winning new business from known networks

Presented by; Sue-Ella Prodonovich

Thursday 7th February | 1pm Sydney time

Research of buyers of legal services tells us that satisfied clients would like to help their lawyer’s practice - if they knew how. Successful rainmakers know how to tap into this ‘zone of reciprocity’ and transform client relationships from transactional indifference to long term advocacy.

In this session Sue-Ella Prodonovich will discuss:

  1. From hostage to apostle – how a client’s attitude can change during an engagement
  2. An introduction to empathy mapping – an easy tool to check alignment
  3. Ideas for managing stages of a client’s engagement with your firm
  4. What your relationships look like when the matter has finished. Extending relationships for future business and support

Key learning:

  1. Practical ideas for client and referral relationship management plans
  2. A template for empathy mapping

CPD Points:  Professional skills 1 point.

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