2018 Nov Practice Management Specialist Meeting

2018 Nov Practice Management Specialist Meeting

Date: 16 November, 2018

Practice Management Specialist Meeting | Emerging Technologies

Join us at the upcoming AustLaw Practice Management Specialist Practice Group meeting as we explore some of the latest in Aussie legal technology and share strategies to help us successfully implement new technology at our firms.

Hilton Hotel, Sydney, 10am - 3.30pm

AustLaw Practice Management Specialist Practice Group Meeting
Friday November 16, 2018

Sydney Hilton


Welcome and introductions

Heather Perrin, Practice Management SPG Chair and Practice Manager, Colin Daley Quinn


LawSwitch | Legal Chatbots

LawSwitch provides you with an end-to-end automated way to engage with your website visitors using conversation driven automation. Your website visitors can engage with automated conversations through legal chatbots that can generate personalised documents and emails directly from completed conversations. It's automated and online 24/7.

Fiona Kirkman, Co-Founder and Principal, Kirkman Family Law 


Prose | Document Modelling

Prose is a smart drafting platform for lawyers helping them to draft faster, with less errors and produce beautifully styled documents. Prose interfaces seamlessly with the Prose Database for fast and secure access to a rich repository of documents, clauses and data that enables lawyers to draft quality documents in less time

Carla O’Neil, CEO, Document Modelling


Morning tea


ContractProbe | Artificial Intelligence

ContractProbe is an artificial intelligence tool which checks for many common errors in draft contracts, including missing clauses, unusual clauses and defined terms that do not have a definition. ContractProbe takes less than 60 seconds to review a draft contract and suggest solutions to the problems found. It allows contracts to be reviewed more quickly and reliably, and at a lower price, than if done by human lawyers unaided.

Michael Pattison, Co-Founder (Invited)


LawLancer | Online Marketplace

LawLancer was born to meet the changing landscape of law, by harnessing the power of technology and mobilising thousands of engaged but under-utilised freelance clerks currently studying law. LawLancer gives law firms access to a scalable and flexible workforce through an online marketplace to alleviate resources and meet client demands, while providing law students with quality paid opportunities to gain real world experience.

Janelle Kerrisk, Founder, LawLancer and Director, Helix Legal




RedView | Business Intelligence

RedView is a mobile access and collaboration platform for a legal firm’s lawyers, clients and associates. RedView is a paradigm shift in how legal businesses can access and use information. RedView’s intelligent server based software gathers data from a legal firm’s different enterprise systems and publishes it into a cloud based data warehouse. RedView apps then access the information and make it available to the user.

Stephen Butler, CEO, Red Rain


Tips and Traps | How to Successfully Implement New Technology at Your Firm

Stephen Butler discusses his tips for successfully implementing technology at law firms and highlight the traps to avoid, based on his  25 years of experience implementing technology at law firms

Stephen Butler, CEO, Red Rain


Open Session – Firms discuss new processes, products and technologies they are considering or implementing

Group discussion facilitated by Heather Perrin



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